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Custom Design Solutions

Peace of mind regarding safety and security is a priceless and providing it for your commerical space is something ANTRONICS, INC. excels at. Keep a watchful eye on the people and property under your care with ANTRONICS, INC. Our installtion services are centered on providing the best solutions to meet your system requirements. Our engineers understand the complex issues involved in planning, installing, and servicing video, and access control systems. Clients consult with us to work with outside architects and engineers to plan and integrate state-of-the-art equipment and systems in North Waltham, Massachusetts.

Surveillance Monitors

State-Of-The-Art Communications

ANTRONICS, INC. saves you money and labor by designing communications security stations for large, multi-building complexes for both residential and commercial purposes. The system includes special equipment configurations necessary to provide live views of the whole complex integrated into a one-man control station. You have the option of keeping less security personnel on your staff to cut costs and you can reassess your patrol protocols when you rely on this command center.

Your Safety Assured

Your safety is our priority. Our solutions provide video surveillance of loading docks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, lobbies, and garages. In addition to video surveillance systems, we can install intercom, telephone and computer networks. Contact us with your requirements and we will  help design solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.